17 April 2014

Tijuana waterpark watercam!


At long last, the fruits of the disposable watercams we passed around last summer at El Vergel Albercas, Tijuana's incomparable waterpark. More info on our 2014 Tijuana waterpark trips at turistalibre.com.

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16 April 2014

Tijuana street art trek with El Norteño and Glow


Turista Libre got up-close and personal with the borderland's sprawling concrete canvas last weekend, on the second installment of our ongoing series of Tijuana street art treks. Along for the ride were two of the city's star muralists, El Norteño and Glow, who led us around town – from Playas to Boulevard Casa Blanca – on a hunt for their most iconic works. Photos by Max Dolberg.

More photos.

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07 April 2014

Turista Libre cameo in the new Nortec Hiperboreal vid, "La City"

Check out Turista Libre chauffeurs Benjamin and Pilar owning the dance floor in the new Nortec vid, shot about a month ago at Bar Copacabana in Zona Norte. Hang on 'til the very end.

25 March 2014

Academic Broadening Across Borders | Turista Libre goes Deutsch: the video

Tijuana street eats!

tj street eats march 2014 bus

A few photos from Saturday's Tijuana street eats trek. On the menu: tacos de birra at Tacos Aaron in Zona Rio, tostadas de squid-ink flounder ceviche at Kokopelli downtown, Guadalajara-worthy tortas ahogadas at Tio Pepe in Colonia Gabilondo, more than 100 ice cream options at Tepoznieves in Zona Rio and a sampling of house brews at Baja Craft Beers Tasting Room in Colonia Neidhart. ¡Provecho!

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